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The Supply Chain and Trucking Industries are amongst the most common careers in the United States. Logistics moves the entire economy, and without it everything would fall apart. Here at RJ Logistics, we’re always looking for new and innovative team members to help us improve the current issues that revolve around the transportation industry. Our team has been able to identify solutions to problems such as poor communication, late pick-ups/deliveries, shady interactions, and carriers with faulty equipment. We’re well known by our customers because of our ability to maintain meaningful relationships, provide exceptional services, and give real-time updates on their commodities when requested. RJ Logistics has built a network of vetted professionals who want to see everyone on our team be the best versions of themselves. Our culture is to assure that there is always open communication between frontline and floor employees so that there is room for constant improvement. When you join our team at RJ Logistics, we want to see you succeed. Not only for us, but for yourself.

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