Partnerships Based on Trust

RJ Logistics partners with high quality, safe, reliable transportation companies to share in success and stability.

Become a Partner

To the Customer

RJ Logistics specializes in performing time-critical, project cargo and just in time services while ensuring a flawless execution and customer satisfaction at all levels.

We know that versatility and adaptability to the always-changing market conditions is critical for your supply chain. Through our network of premium partners across the USMCA region, you will have access to a broad spectrum of possibilities that will alleviate any challenges or risks that your supply chain may face. We Power Your Supply Chain (®)

Our partner vetting protocol is a thorough and detailed process that is heavily focused on compliance, risk mitigation, safety, flawless execution, equipment and technology standards.

By applying this process, we make sure that your supply chain is never disrupted by any factors that are controllable.

To the Carrier

We are always excited to broaden our partnerships and our footprint, which is why we invite you to join our carrier base. Our doors are open for up and coming transportation companies that are looking to achieve sustainable growth while sharing our same vision.

We understand who does the heavy lifting, which is why timely payment and uninterrupted communication will drive our mutual success.