RJ Logistics

RJ & Sons drops the ‘& Sons’ to keep up with the growth of becoming a top logistics provider.

Chesterfield, MI – January 1st, 2019 ­­– Following the 10-year business anniversary of RJ & Sons, the company has made major efforts to become a one-stop shop for all logistics solutions and project management throughout the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. Having built countless partner-carrier relationships with some of the best asset-based trucking companies in the nation, RJ & Sons has been able to prove time and time again that they are the go-to company for handling anything from high capacity projects to LTL shipments and expedite. Over time, RJ & Sons has drastically improved internal organizations, launched expansions throughout the country, and executed projects with some of the largest manufacturers in the world. With all this being accomplished in such a short period of time, ‘RJ & Sons’ felt that they had outgrown their name. Excessive efforts have been implemented to show that they are not just a small asset-based company that can only provide entry-level 3PL Solutions, but instead they are a team of experienced logistics specialists trained by known professionals in the field and are backed by an incredibly large fleet of RJ assets and partner carriers. With that being said, RJ & Sons decided to drop the ‘& Sons’ in their name and move forward as ‘RJ Logistics’. This name change has been implemented so that the company is never underestimated and can keep up with its exponential growth. “We have overcome a handful of obstacles over the last decade, and we feel as if we have handled them way better than many of our competitors. With that being said, we don’t want to be thought of as the ‘RJ & Sons’, the local family-owned trucking company’, but as ‘RJ Logistics, an up and coming logistics powerhouse across the nation.” says Executive Vice President, Michael Swafford.  “We are no longer just a trucking company, but a climbing industry leader within the logistics battlefield”. RJ Logistics was able to achieve an outstanding 70% growth in the year 2018 and is now en route to achieve another 80% growth for the year of 2019. Starting the new year, RJ Logistics launched a new website in order to better sell their services and capabilities in the supply chain industry. New software has been implemented which will help better track our equipment and assure that they never miss an email from a customer or manufacturer. Plans are coming together to proceed with another expansion in the Detroit area, followed by a Chicago and Milwaukee division which could employ hundreds of new people. More to come on this soon.

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