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Customized Solutions throughout North America

RJ Logistics thoroughly analyzes our customers’ needs and all current market conditions to provide customized transportation solutions that adapt to an always evolving market.

Texas office located along the Laredo/Mexico border

The Laredo port is the main international trade port between Mexico and the United States. It is accountable for:

  • 57% of all International trade with Mexico crosses through the Laredo Port
  • Over 2 million trucks going northbound through the Laredo Port yearly
  • Over 230 Billion dollars’ worth of trade (Import/Export) yearly through the Laredo Port (2019)

Best Cross-border team in the game

Our Cross-border services are another value-added service that allows us to offer end to end solutions and door to door transportation to customers anywhere in North America

  • Dedicated Cross-Border Shipment Logistics Team
  • 24/7 Load Planning and Load Tracking team
  • Texas terminal is located along the border of the Laredo Port
  • Michigan terminal located 30 miles from Canadian border

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