Oversized & Overweight Shipments

RJ Logistics has an established network of drivers and carriers whose specialty is in oversized & overweight commodities. An oversized shipment is a load that exceeds the standard size of a legal shipment, which is over 102” wide. Overweight shipments are considered shipments which exceed 45,000 lbs. (depending on the trailer). Our network of carriers can handle overweight shipments ranging from 53,000 lbs. up to 164,000 lbs. We extensively train our drivers the proper way to safely secure and transport oversized/overweight commodities and that’s why our customers trust us with their heavy haul projects. Examples of oversized/overweight shipments may include shipments such as pre-build homes, military equipment, industrial equipment, windmill propellers, machinery, and much more. We understand how delicate these kinds of jobs could be, and that’s why we had select our best drivers and carriers to handle your oversized/overweight shipments.